In The Spotlight – FC’12 Style Kits

In the spotlight focuses on these beautifully designed kits by Orthodox over at Serbian FM. This is currently what I use on my Football Manager, they’ve done a great job with these and deserved to be shared with the Passionate FM fan base. The good thing about these kit packs is that they’ve done a number of leagues already! Just click on the images below and follow the download process.


Credit goes to FM Slovakia, Serbian FM and FM Scout. Fantastic work!

Smooth’16 Logos Megapack

After the success of Smooth’15 last year. We have returned with a bigger and better logo pack for Football Manager 2016. Not only have we added more leagues, we have gone through and updated the current team logo’s to the 2015/16 season.

download smooth'16

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zrwZ8 Austria – 24 Logos
Azerbaijansmall Azerbaijan – 14 Logos
WMQ0z Belarus –  28 Logos
HlAYB Belgium – 70 Logos
N3YPR Bosnia and Herzegovina – 18 Logos
OX5sn Bulgaria – 34 Logos
yZmEe Croatia – 25 Logos
AAcyf Cyprus – 16 Logos
rQosQ Czech Republic – 35 Logos
Danemarksmall Denmark – 32 Logos
Angleterresmall England – 200+ Logos
Estoniesmall Estonia – 10 Logos
bCKAr Finland – 24 Logos
npNMF France – 63 Logos
Macédoinesmall FYR Macedonia – 10 Logos
Géorgiesmall Georgia – 17 Logos
eaPiL Germany – 58 Logos
Pg5pe Greece – 44 Logos
d7RKJ Hungary – 35 Logos
glBqP Iceland – 24 Logos
3fE7P Ireland – 23 Logos
Mqyek Israel – 30 Logos
OhXv1 Italy – 103 Logos
Kazakhstansmall Kazakhstan  – 18 Logos
Lituaniesmall Lithuania – 14 Logos
Maltesmall Malta – 14 Logos
Moldaviesmall Moldova – 11 Logos
r6uA0 Netherlands – 38 Logos
4gqM4 Northern Ireland – 28 Logos
Kp9dd Norway – 84 Logos
RWlVA Poland – 37 Logos
4p8p1 Portugal – 122 Logos
Ajw6t Romania – 40 Logos
ywFdb Russia – 42 Logos
pY3mR Scotland – 74 Logos
Serbiesmall Serbia – 36 Logos
5DAkT Slovakia – 36 Logos
Slovéniesmall Slovenia – 20 Logos
Ug1o9 Spain – 146 Logos
RodTt Sweden – 76 Logos
iKyga Switzerland – 24 Logos
v0TpA Turkey – 75 Logos
QxE7E Ukraine – 32 Logos
8OYhg Wales – 15 Logos
South America
DpKQa Argentina – 52 Logos
f2cnA Bolivia – 14 Logos
ECMrc Brazil – 108 Logos
2326G Chile – 34 Logos
GWu4r Colombia – 36 Logos
HXPBt Ecuador – 14 Logos
6oW0B Paraguay – 16 Logos
AHXsc Peru – 34 Logos
BNFBn Uruguay – 32 Logos
0H7gZ Venezuela – 22 Logos

Chinesmall China – 37 Logos
Hong-Kongsmall Hong Kong – 12 Logos
Indesmall India – 32 Logos
Indonésiesmall Indonesia – 71 Logos
Iransmall Iran – 18 Logos
Japonsmall Japan – 18 Logos
Koweïtsmall Kuwait – 14 Logos
Libansmall Lebanon – 14 Logos
Malaisiesmall Malaysia – 24 Logos
Qatarsmall Qatar – 16 Logos
Arabie-saouditesmall Saudi Arabia – 14 Logos
Singapoursmall Singapore 12 – Logos
Corée-du-Sudsmall South Korea – 22 Logos
Thaïlandesmall Thailand – 19 Logos
Émirats-arabes-unissmall UAE – 14 Logos
Ouzbékistansmall Uzbekistan – 13 Logos

Algeriesmall Algeria – 16 Logos
Angolasmall Angola – 16 Logos
Egypt – 21 Logos
Ghana – 20 Logos
Ivory Coast – 14 Logos
Marocsmall Morocco – 29 Logos
Nigeria – 23 Logos
Afrique-du-Sudsmall South Africa – 36 Logos
Tunisiesmall Tunisia – 20 Logos

North America
Costa-Ricasmall Costa Rica – 14 Logos
Cubasmall Cuba – 10 Logos
Hondurassmall Honduras – 10 Logos
Jamaïquesmall Jamaica – 12 Logos
Mexiquesmall Mexico – 32 Logos
États-Unissmall USA – 30 Logos


Australiesmall Australia – 101 Logos
Nouvelle-Zélandesmall New Zealand – 10 Logos

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* Special thanks to Gary Stevenson for all his hard work on helping getting this completed. *


This creation Smooth’16 is a property of the site Passionate FM and is for free use and for personal use only. Want to share this logopack on other sites? Please get in contact with us and we will discuss permissions. You cannot host any files yourself.

How to add these in your FM

Step 1

Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.

Step 2

Cut and paste the extracted folder to:
Windows: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\logos\
Mac OS X: /Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2016/graphics/logos/

Create folders “graphics” and “logos” if they don’t exist already.

Step 3

Run Football Manager 2016 and go to: Preferences > Interface

Click Using caching to decrease page loading times “OFF”
Click Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences “ON”

Football Manager 2016 – New Features

Football Manager 2016
Football Manager 2016

The time is finally here, after months of limited news and worrying. Sports Interactive have released some exciting new features for the Pending FM16. You will find all the information you need here! Let us know your opinions about the game and what your most looking forward to seeing. All the images are still work in progress so things could change. Game will be fully released on the 13th of November, the beta will be out 2 weeks prior and the demo a few days before the release date. Smooth’ 16 will definitely be out just in time!

Manager on the Touchline

Initial Announcement - Manager on Touchline Creation
Interesting looking appearance – FM16

Get closer to the action than ever before with your own customisable character to bark out instructions and join the celebrations from the touchline. Customise your own touchline manager character & see them and other managers on the touchline.

New Game Mode – Fantasy Draft

Create your dream team and take on your mates in ‘Fantasy Draft’ mode. Starting with a fixed budget, each manager builds a squad from scratch, competing with other managers to sign the best talent before going head-to-head against one another in a mini-league. Play with up to 32 other players!

New Game Mode – Create-A-Club

For the first time, Football Manager 2016 allows fans to add their own custom-built club to any league they choose, through the single player ‘Create-a-club’ mode. Create-A-Club allows you to name the club, add yourself and friends to the line-up, edit the squad to your heart’s content and even choose the colours.

Prozone Match Analysis

Sports Interactive’s partnership with the leading sports statistics provider, Prozone, has seen a wide reaching revamp of the in-game match analysis tool, adding lots of useful functionality whilst also making it a lot more prominent and easier to use.

Set-Piece Creator

FM 2016 05 - Set Piece Creator_2

Football Manager 2016’s powerful, yet easy-to-use set piece creator allows managers to set up multiple set piece routines to be used across multiple tactics; with different set pieces for each set piece taker, new zonal marking options and much, much more.

Expanded Press Interaction

Press conferences are more varied than ever before, with many new conversations to be had with the press, especially more contextual questions & responses. In addition, unemployed managers can now use media interviews to help get them back into the game.

Football Manager Touch – Cross-Save

All versions of Football Manager Touch 2016 are ‘cross-save compatible’ with one another, so a career started on a tablet can be saved to the cloud and continued on computer (and vice versa).

More Realistic Injuries

Sports Interactive has worked alongside a number of physiotherapists, doctors and related organisations to ensure that the depiction and treatment of injuries in Football Manager 2016 is more realistic than ever before. This doesn’t mean that fewer injuries will be sustained, but that those which do occur will be treated and develop more realistically. Injuries will now be determined during matches, while new injury types have been added and there is now a tangible distinction between player condition and match sharpness.

And Much, Much More

Further additions and updates include staff shortlisting, improved manager and staff movement, revised board requests, a revamp of board confidence, more contextual team talks, fully updated competition rules & squad information, an improved financial module, improved AI transfers and team selection, new social media features and many more – all of which combine to make Football Manager 2016 the most complete and immersive simulation of football management ever.

Initial Announcement - Team Instructions
New tactics screen

Sports Interactive announced that FM 2016 will be released on November 13th

– Beta will be made available 2 weeks before final release.
– Demo should be out about a couple of days before final release.
– Touch (PC, Mac, Linux & High-End Tablets) and Mobile (iOS & Android) editions will be be released on the same day for the first time ever.

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