In The Spotlight – Standard Kits 14/15

in the spotlight

In the spotlight is a new addition to the site, where we bring you interesting things to do with Football Manager. From kit, to face packs, tactics, YouTubers and many more things from across the internet. In our first part we will be looking at the Standard kits. These are the default graphic kits for Football Manager and have been in the game for a while now. But due to the recent raise of other kit templates such as the SS, the decline in popularity has shown. With more kit designers choosing to go with other templates leaving the Standard kits feeling unloved. They’re a few who still make these kits thanks to the guys over at They currently have a few leagues done the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 and Ligue 1. I personally like these kits and wish more templates were easily available for kit makes to work on. All credit goes to the makers!


Download Link


Download Link

bundes 2

Download Link

ligue 1

Download Link


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