Smooth’15 Logos – Update 2.0

smooth15update 2


We are back with update 2.0! Adding more logos and bringing more fixes to existing clubs and competitions. Make sure you re-download this and follow the instructions below to enjoy the full benefit of Smooth’15.

Extract the « RAR » file, copy the folder « Smooth’15 » in this path: Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2015 / graphics.
Make « Yes » to all to replace all files.

If this doesn’t work..

Delete the old smooth’15 logo pack you may have then extract the new file into your graphics folder!

Smooth’16 Logo Megapack OUT NOW!

>Download Link<


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Full LIst of Changes


Egypt – New
Ghana – New
Ivory Coast – New
Nigeria – New
Tunisia – New


Kuwait – New
Lebanon – New


Austria – Second Division added
Azerbaijan – New
Belgium – Second division added
Bulgaria – Second Division added
Croatia – Second division added
Czech Republic – Second division added
Denmark – Second division added
Finland – Second division added
FYR Macedonia – New
Hungary – Second division added
Kazakhstan – New
Malta – New
Norway – Second division added
Poland – Second division added
Sweden – Second division added
Turkey – Second division added
Ukraine – Second division added

50+ new competitions logos added.
20+ Club and competition logos updated.


Smooth’15 logo megapack update 1.0

Smooth’15 International emblems (version 2)

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7 thoughts on “Smooth’15 Logos – Update 2.0

  1. I was wondering if you’ll do an update on a few badges? Birmingham, Cardiff, Dag & Red, Portsmouth, Alfreton as well as the new Vanarama national, North and South have all got newer logos?


  2. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you.
    I was just going to do all of the logos manually. This was brilliant. Even logos for lower leagues are there. Thanks!


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