Site Update, Smooth’17 Logos, Request Service Plus More

It’s been a while since we last spoke. But this is just a quick easy to digest update on what’s going on with the site and our future projects. I know many of you know us for our Smooth Logo’s but we aim to satisfy each areas of your Football Manager hunger. Expect to see more in the coming months from tactics, graphics to team guides.

Smooth’17 logos

new logos graphic 2

With the league season over and the International tournaments in full swing; has meant we have started working on our next instalment. We’ve decided to start earlier than before to ensure we make this the go-to logo pack for Football Manager 2017. We are aiming on including more leagues and updating the new logos as they are released.

Have you got a particular league you want added? Please get in contact with us on Twitter, Facebook or Email. Expect this to be released later in 2016. Also are you interested in testing? Make sure you fire us over an Email.

Request Service

Request Service graphic

Our request service has been up and running for a few months now and still available. Some of you have made the most of it by requesting fantasy logos, undone leagues and different variants of logos. Make sure you put in your requests here and we will get back to you asap.

passionate football

PF New logo

Make sure you check out our ‘brother’ website which focuses on the real football. Loads of content and articles for you to get stuck into like the Future Stars series, Euro 2016 posts, English Premier League and European Football! Make sure you stay updated with the latest.