Smooth’18 Logos

Our fourth instalment has returned by popular demand. Smooth’18 promises more logos than ever before. Updated logos from across the world. With more than 200k downloads from Smooth’17, this should be your go to pack this year!

  • All playable leagues covered plus many more!
  • Clean and sleek and easy on the eye. Suitable for all dark and light FM skins.
  • Updated 2017/18 League and cup competition logos.
  • International emblems for all countries.
  • Request Service is also available!


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The full list of all the countries is available here.


This creation Smooth’18 is a property of the site Passionate FM and is for free use and for personal use only. Want to share this logopack on other sites? Please get in contact with us and we will discuss permissions. You cannot host any files yourself. 

How to add these in your FM

Step 1

Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.

Step 2

Open and extract the folder to:
Windows: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\logos\
Mac OS X: /Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/graphics/logos/

Create folders “graphics” and “logos” if they don’t exist already.

Step 3

Run Football Manager 2018 and go to: Preferences > Interface

Click Using caching to decrease page loading times “OFF”
Click Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences “ON”

Then hit the Confirm button! If this doesn’t work use the reload skin button.


Football Manager 2016 – Sleeping Giants

What does the term “Sleeping Giant” actually mean when referring to a football club?

Often when people mention this phrase, the name Newcastle United is mentioned Whereas I agree that Newcastle United is a big club, they have a large dedicated fan base, big stadium, not many large teams nearby to tread on their catchment area, it’s basically all there apart from success.

But I have to say in my estimation, they are not a “sleeping giant”.

First up we have to define what a sleeping giant is. To begin with the term suggests to me that the club is currently not reaching heights it once did. They’re no longer playing in the top flight of English football; instead they are languishing in the Championship or even lower.

I believe that the next criteria is that the club must have had an illustrious history and this has got to mean it has to have won trophies in its past. When I say “won trophies” I am not talking about a few divisional trophies or minor cups. For a club to be considered a sleeping giant I would say it’s got to have won major domestic honours and the only two really worth winning are the Premier League (Old First Division) title and the FA Cup. Indeed a true sleeping giant must have won both these honours at some point in their history.

So using this criteria as the basis for of analysis we will only look at clubs that are currently outside the Premiership and who have won both the English top flight title and the FA Cup.

  • 612 Blackburn Rovers – 9 (3 League and 6 FA Cups)
  • 709 Sheffield Wednesday – 7 (4 League and 3 FA Cups)
  • 740 Wolves – 7 (3 League and 4 FA Cups)
  • 708 Sheffield United – 5 (1 League and 4 FA Cups)
  • 664 Huddersfield – 4 (3 League and 1 FA Cup)
  • 671 Leeds United – 4 (3 League and 1 FA Cup)
  • 700 Preston North End – 4 (2 League and 2 FA Cups)
  • 699 Portsmouth – 4 (2 League and 2 FA Cups)
  • 622 Burnley – 3 (2 League and 1 FA Cup)
  • 645 Derby County – 3 (2 League and 1 FA Cup)
  • 692 Nottingham Forest – 3 (1 League and 2 FA Cups)
  • 667 Ipswich Town – 2 (1 League and 1 FA Cup)

* Special mention to Bolton Wanderers who have never won a Top Flight title but have won the FA Cup on 4 occasions.

So on the basis of past glories are these twelve clubs the sleeping giants of English football? They have all won the league title and the FA Cup.So if you want to awaken a true sleeping giant of English football then why not take up the challenge of one of the above mentioned teams, and restore past glories to the club.

Now if other European leagues are your preferred taste, why not try one of these European sleeping giants.

F.C. Nurnberg – Bundesliga 2 – (9 League titles and 4 Cup wins) Greuther Fürth – Bundesliga 2 – (3 League titles only) Fortuna Düsseldorf – Bundesliga 2 – (1 League title and 2 Cup wins) Karlsruher SC – Bundesliga 2 (1 League title and 2 Cup wins)


In France why not try Strasbourg, now in the French National League, (1 League title and 3 Cup wins)

In Italy, be brave and try Pro Vercelli, now in Serie B (7 League titles), although no Cup wins, a genuine sleeping giant, or should that be comatose.

Over to you, lots of great challenges in FM 2016, can you be the one, the really special one.

Article written by Gary Stevenson

Smooth’16 Logos – Update 1.0

We are back with update 1.0! Adding more logos, bringing more fixes to existing club logos and competition logos. Make sure you re-download this and follow the instructions below to enjoy the full benefit of the Smooth’16 Update 1.0.

Extract the « RAR » file, copy the folder « Smooth’16 – Update 1.0 » in this path: Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2016 / graphics.

Make sure you delete the original smooth’16 logo pack you have in your graphics folder and replace it with new file. Restart Football Manager 2016 and you’re all ready to go.

(Smooth’17 is now out)

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List of Changes

This update file contains fixes for missing logos, adds new logos for certain leagues and improvements on logos. Competition logos have also been reviewed and updated. It’s essential to update your logopack and to make the most of the hard work!

China – Fixes
Indonesia – Fixes
Malaysia – Fixes

Cameroon – New
DR Congo – New
Zimbabwe – New

Belarus – Fixes
Belgium – Fixes
Bulgaria – Fixes
Czech Republic – Fixes
England – Fixes
Finland – Fixes
France – New 4th tier added*
Germany – New 4th tier added*
Greece – Fixes
Iceland – Fixes
Norway – Fixes
Portugal – New
Romania – Fixes
Slovakia – Fixes
Slovenia – Fixes
Spain – New 4th tier added*
Sweden – Fixes
Turkey – Fixes
Wales – New

North America
Canada – New
Mexico – Fixes

South America
Brazil – Fixes
Uruguay – Fixes


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